Brocade in D Minor
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas
Saint Deconstructed
Lady Jane
Oil on canvas
Martha and Marian
Oil on canvas

about the work

We should not dwell upon the past. Nor should we ignore it. We should build on it.

So my current work is a synthesis of Baroque with Pop; traditional media with 

digital; precise composition with exploiting chance.

My source imagery is digital and photographic — that is accidentally or intentionally distorted photos, photos of photos, photos of video, damaged or otherwise altered 
laser prints and so on. These are the sketches and studies, so to speak, for the final paintings. The imagery is process driven and the somewhat accidental nature of the process is key to the aesthetic.

I don't set out to express any precise meaning in these. Themes emerge during the 

process. I follow a series of impulses and accidents to discover new narratives or 

reshape existing ones.


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john grantner painting